Consent for Birth Workers

For birth professionals and people who interact with new parents 4 hour


The journey of pregnancy and birth, as well as the postpartum return, all involve significant embodied experiences. How pregnant bodies are regarded, defined, touched and supported during this time can have lasting impact on how our client’s feel about their birthing experience. 

For doulas and other birth professionals, the art of practicing consent offers our clients the potential to access greater embodied awareness and choice throughout pregnancy and birth, supporting powerful shifts in how their experiences of birth impact their bodies.  

In this experiential and collaborative class, we’ll explore the complexities and nuances of consent through the lens of somatic sex education to support our roles as birth workers. 

This 4-hour class will include:

-Defining consent within medical, social, sexual and cultural contexts

-Establishing and practicing trauma-informed touch for birth workers

-Distinguishing between want, willing, tolerate/endure related to touch

-Bringing awareness to power dynamics in the birth room while centering the birthing person

-Calling attention to the somatic impact of consent accidents/violations

-Understanding barriers to consent

-Supporting access to embodied voice and choice in the birth room

-Learning a model of touch (Wheel of Consent) for sex and intimacy through pregnancy and postpartum


Katie Spataro (she/her) is a full spectrum doula, somatic sex educator and holistic pelvic care provider practicing on the unceded ancestral lands of the Duwamish people in South Seattle. Katie studies and practices at the intersections of birth work and sex work, offering trauma-sensitive touch and drawing upon the embodied wisdom of these two lineages to support healing of the personal and collective cultural body. As a certified facilitator through the School of Consent, she’s continually struck by how the somatic learning of consent can offer a transformative experience. 

  • 12-4pm
    2206 Queen Anne Ave N. Suite 304
    Seattle, WA 98109

  • 12-4pm
    2206 Queen Anne Ave N. Suite 304
    Seattle, WA 98109

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