Navigating Infant Sleep

For birth professionals and people who care about birth 2 hour


Families have many different expectations when it comes to infant sleep and there are just as many recommendations. In this workshop you will learn what the most current research says about infant sleep and how you can incorporate this information in your work with new families in a way that honors their experience. 

This 2-hour class will include:

Babies 0-5 months

-Awake windows

-Brain and sleep development

-Reflux/silent reflux and sleep disruption

-Self-soothing skills have to develop

-Co-sleeping Guidelines for safe sleep.

-The dreaded 4-month regression and what that means

-What you DON’T have to worry about (e.g. “bad habits”)

-Why it might be better to wait to work on sleep until 6-months

-Easy things you can do to lay the groundwork

Babies 6-months - 3 years

-Awake windows/Sleep windows

-The importance of naps (amount and timing)(Brain development)

-The importance of a bedtime routine

-How to gradually shift behavior

-Temperament and how that impacts sleep

-Regressions and what to do

-How to make a plan


Macall is a certified Gentle Sleep Coach with a Master’s degree in psychology (Infant Mental Health) from Antioch University and a BS in Human Biology from Stanford University. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Antioch University’s graduate department of psychology teaching research methods and parenting psychology classes. She has also conducted and presented research at international conferences on infant sleep interventions and parenting advice, as well as provided ongoing education to sleep coaches, doulas, and newborn care specialists.

  • 12-2pm

  • 12-2pm

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